Seashore Trolley Museum

Oct 4th 2021

This was another one of those places that simply caught us by surprise.

We didn't look too much into it before we headed there. All we knew was that there was old history featuring old trains and trolleys, and it was dog friendly! 

The Seashore Trolley Museum in Kennebunkport, ME houses an impressive collection of trolleys, complete with the history behind them.


They also spend a lot of time restoring these beautiful relics, and don't have any qualms with teaching you all about them. 

Most of them sit outside, abandoned, and ripe for exploration.


I can only imagine the stories that these old busses would tell if they could speak.


There's so much character in them, and the personification of these decommissioned gentle giants was very gratifying.


We spent quite a while here exploring all of the old busses and trolleys. The details were numerous, and were hard to pass up without the proper attention.


I wonder how many people sat in this seat?


This was one of the coolest museums that we've ever been to, and was well worth the $50 that it cost for our family to get in. They have a trolley that you can ride, but we opted to just explore the grounds at our own pace.


Nick Haskins
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