Family Kayaking Trip (Au Sable River)

Jul 26th 2021

Oscoda; our last stop in Michigan! And we're a little sad to leave this amazingly wonderful, beautiful and charismatic state. For the last month we've explored Michigan's Upper Peninsula and it's definitely become one of our favorite places in the country.

We spent our last week with our friends the Burkes! They recently got into RV life so it was cool to be able to hang with them for the week and talk all things RV! All six of the kids had a blast hanging out.


During our time here we thought it would be fun to go kayaking as a big group! My parents never took us hiking, let along kayaking. So naturally these types of outings make us a little apprehensive (maybe more me than Brandi). But we enjoyed it!

The kids were like born naturals, easily making us work extra hard to try and even catch up with them!


We're now really interested in getting four kayaks, but the challenge is how do we transport them around in the truck? If you have any suggestions, let us know!


The campground was pretty nice (KOA) and we got to meet our friendly neighbor who gave us a few local beers! Good stuff, and it's really cool to hear about other peoples stories and their adventures.

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Nick Haskins
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