Epic Lake George Hiking Trails

Aug 9th 2021

Lake George, NY is one of the busiest towns that we've encountered in our travels. There are tons of people everywhere. We tried to go into Lake George Village a few times but we could never find a place to park.

Also, there's no way to pay with cash or credit card but instead you have to download this app; only theres so many people that the internet was pretty much non-existent. We took all of this as a sign to get the heck outta dodge!

We headed out into the hills in search of some hiking, and we found a couple that just might be right up your alley.

Shelving Rock Mountain

This was a pretty short hike to amazing views of the lake, if you know where to look! The summit of this trail ends in trees, but if you locate the path that heads off to the right, it dips down and opens out onto this magnificent rock face overlooking Lake George.


Sleeping Beauty Mountain

This is a longer trail (about 4.5 miles) that also ends in wonderful views of Lake George, but you're a bit further away at this point. The summit of Sleeping Beauty is amazing and includes long range views of the Southern Adirondacks. This trail is also unique because it loops around this remote pond which was pretty neat to see!


There was a lot of smoke in the air this day due to the wildfires burning over 1k miles away out West.


Pictures don't do this place justice, but maybe the video below just might!


Nick Haskins
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