Provo Travel Vlog

May 3rd 2021

After our week in Bonneville Salt Flats and Antelope Island, we headed toward Provo, Utah. We boondocked on public land near Utah Lake. The views of the lake were beautiful - the colors of the water seemed to change throughout the day!


We took a drive out to the Uinta National Forest to check out the Alpine Scenic Loop Backway. The road was still closed for the season, so we parked and walked on the road. Some of the road was covered in snow. There were icicles on the rocks. The trees were dusted with fresh snow. It was magical! It felt like we were the only ones out there for a little bit!


We also made a trip out to The Grotto in the Uinta National Forest. Again, the road was closed for the season, so we parked at the gate and hiked. There was some ice covering this road but it was easy enough to navigate around. Once we did make it to the trailhead and a short way onto the trail, we could see there was considerable snowmelt that was turning the trail into mud. That thick, slippery, gets-all-up-in-your-boot-treads, kind of mud. There were a couple of stream crossings where downed logs are used as a bridge - this was a little tricky (for me, anyway!) with muddy boots. But the kids and husband made it with no issues! The trail is really pretty. We kept listening for hints of the upcoming waterfall but the Grotto likes to be kept a surprise until the end! We had one more little stream crossing to navigate, and a boulder to duck around, and then there it was! A sweet little waterfall that you can walk around and take in from different sides of the grotto. It's not huge or overly impressive. But it is pretty. And being only a 1+ mile, round trip, hike - I'd say it's worth it to go check out.


We had more wind - surprise! - at our boondocking spot! Lots of sand being kicked up. So much that it blocked out our view of the lake. Neighboring campers lost a few items that had been sitting outside of their RV. We almost lost our step stool for getting into the RV and when Nick went out to rescue it, the wind ripped the door out of this hand and the hydraulic arm broke. We all like the wind a little less every time we get caught in one of these events!


Now we're going to patch up our door and dust ourselves off and head into Vernal, Utah!


Brandi Haskins
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